Merging atmos_4xdaily files?

The atmos_4xdaily files are written out on the cube sphere tiles. I haven't found documentation on how to merge these files so that they can be compared to other products. Is this something that can be done via UPP? If not, what tools are recommended? FRE-nctools?

Hi - The model output in the atmf*.nc and sfcf*.nc files are already on a global grid, and these are read in by UPP to compute derived fields and output GRIB2 files (GFSPRS).

I don't know of tools to stitch the 6-tile output files together, but if that is a specific need (vs these other options), please reply and someone else may have an answer.

FRE-nctools will do it, and I have built those myself on Stampede2. I would like to make use of the atmos_4xdaily files because they allow for direct output of data on many standard pressure levels in netcdf format without the extra step of going through UPP to do the vertical interpolation. So there is definitely a use for those files, as I doubt I am the only one who will want to do so.

Mostly though I was struck by the fact that there does not seem to be an official method for the majority of users to make use of one of the default set of output files.