Making sure scripts are up-to-date

I recently learnt that the script under my ufs-srweather-app/regional_workflow/ush is out-of-date and still has:


when it should say:


How do I make sure the most current version of the all the scripts that are related to the workflow are checked out? Thanks!


The FV3 forecast model executable has been renamed several times in the past few months.  The latest one is "ufs_model".  

To make sure you have the latest set of scripts, you should fetch the latest from the regional_workflow repo (i.e. the HEAD, either of the develop branch or the release/public-v1 branch, whichever one you started out with) and then merge that latest version into your local branch.  To make sure everything is consistent, you should also do the same with the ufs-srweather-app repo (i.e. the "umbrella") repo.

If you are not yet sure how to do the fetch/merge using git (and what to do when you encounter complications such as conflicts between your changes and the ones in the repo(s)), the easiest alternative is to start over in a new directory and clone a clean version of the ufs-srweather-model app from scratch, then use manage_externals as described here to get the proper branches and/or hashes of the external repos (regional_workflow, UFS_UTILS, ufs-weather-model, and EMC_post).  I recently cloned the latest version of the master branch of ufs-srweather-app and was able to build it and run with it successfully.