FV3SAR on Cheyenne

Hello UFS Helpers,


For Ivette’s project we would like to get a running case for FV3SAR on Cheyenne. We are working with the community_develop branch of the regional workflow. We were able to build successfully, but are having trouble beginning the workflow. It seems to be having trouble loading the ICs, and we suspect that we are not finding the correct modules or environment variables, but we are unsure if this is a problem that is happening before or after generating the rocoto workflow. The error we are getting in the workflow launch log is:

FV3SAR_wflow.xml :: Error: Expecting an element command, got nothing at FV3SAR_wflow.xml:221.


We’re getting lost trying to get past this issue.


If there’s any resources you can point us to or advice you can give us, either general or specific, in trying to get a case running on Cheyenne, we would really appreciate it!








The community_develop workflow is not currently ready on Cheyenne, but it is a high-priority task that we are actively working on. Barring any unforeseen hiccups, we plan to have a functional (if not well-tested) capability ready in the next week or two.