Trouble running with new GRIB2 IC from CHGRES_CUBE

I have used the script to create a set of ICs from a GRIB2.  the routine appears to have created the initial conditions but i have the following error when i try to run UFS

FATAL from PE    44: ==> External_ic::get_nggps_ic: more NGGPS tracers than defined in field_table for NGGPS IC

application called MPI_Abort(MPI_COMM_WORLD, 1) - process 44
Model ended:     Fri Jan 29 13:45:25 MST 2021


Attached is the output file if some one can tell me what has gone wrong of if i need to change something in the VARMAP file that would be great.  This is for 2016 which i know has not been tested but the GRB2 file was downloaded from NOAA, it was the analysis file as the it appears the forecast fields are not available then.




Steve - This usually happens when the selected physics suite requires more (or different) fields than the IC model has available.  The LSM is a common issue, for example, but it could also be microphysics or others.  Can you provide more details of what version of the ufs-weather-model you are using, and what physics suite?  Are you using one of the UFS Apps (MRW or SRW)?  We have tested several combinations of ICs and physics, but certainly not all possibilities.



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