UFS with GSI

I am building an OSSE with the UFS and GSI but am struggling to find information on how to take the output from the UFS, load this in as the first guess for the GSI, how to take the output from the GSI, and how to change this in to the format for the UFS to produce a forecast?  I have the CHGRES_CUBE up and running on SUMMIT at CSU/CU and have managed to take ole output from the noaa respoitory and have been able to successfully ruun UFS with these initial conditions.  I am running the model, not the app, so my final question is how do you do a warm restart please?

Hi Steve,

I see that you also posted this question on the GSI Forum (https://dtcenter.org/threads/ufs-gsi) and that there is a discussion going on there. So at this point I think it is best to consolidate all discussion over there. But if we can help further here on the UFS Forum, please let us know.