setup $UFS_INPUT for using MRW App on Orion

Dear Helper,

I am working on running WRW app on Orion. 

I have no problem to compile the NCEPLIBS.  But I don't know if there are existing case data on Orion for setting up:





Hi Ming,

You could set UFS_INPUT environment variable to some directory in your account. For example, you can set it like following (you need to set $UFS_SCRATCH before setting $UFS_INPUT in this case)


In this case the $UFS_SCRATCH/ufs_inputdata will be used to store the input files. Once you create the case the CIME will automatically download the required files to that directory. Let me know if you have any other problem.



Hi Ming,

When I use the MR-Weather-App on Orion, I have to move my already generated IC files (after chgres) from Hera to Orion, since the raw rstprod nemsio data is restricted on Orion for now. I move the case IC files $UFS_SCRATCH/yourcase/run/INPUT. The naming convention should be like:

 $UFS_INPUT still needs to be set up since the model requires some static data that can be automatically downloaded.

Once the IC files are ready, you can run the workflow starting from

./case.submit --job 

Thanks, Xia. Just to add: if Ming wants to use GRIB2 as raw ICs, he does not need to move anything from Hera. The App can download the GRIB2 ICs.


Ufuk, Ligia, and Xia,

Thanks for your quick responses and very helpful information.

I will try several of those methods and let you know how things go.



Hi Ufuk, Ligia, and Xia,


I setup:




 The I can run "create_newcase" without problem:

./create_newcase --case $UFS_SCRATCH/ufs-mrweather-app-workflow.c96 --compset GFSv15p2 --res C96 --workflow ufs-mrweather --project wrfruc


But I got error in case.setup:

Orion-login-2[134] minghu$ ./case.setup

ERROR: inputdata root is not a directory or is not readable: /work/noaa/wrfruc/mhu/ufs/run/inputs/ufs_inputdata


After create the directory manually: /work/noaa/wrfruc/mhu/ufs/run/inputs/ufs_inputdata, 

the case.setup can run through. 


Now I can run "" and "case.submit" without problem and I successfully generated 36-h forecast with UPP grib2 files.


Everything looks good. Seem CIME is looking for ufs_inputdata under $UFS_INPUT, as long as this directory (empty) existing, CIME knows how to setup everything.