Restart capability in the SRW app?

Hi there,

I am hoping to run a 120+ hour forecast at 13- and 3-km with the SRW app, which may struggle to fit in the allowable wall clock time (running on hera). I was wondering if there was any detailed documentation on how to perform restart runs and if this is a capability supported by the workflow? I see there is a RESTART directory under the cycle directory, but I wasn't able to find much documentation on it.


Michelle Harrold

Hi Michelle,

Unfortunately, restart runs are not supported yet in the SRW App workflow.  Are you going to run a CONUS domain?  If so, you will likely be able to run a 13-km and 3-km simulation within the 8-hr limit with a sufficiently large layout and number of nodes.

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the quick reply - much appreciated! We are not running a CONUS domain (we are running over the Indian Ocean), but the 13- and 3-km domains we are using have a similar number of points as the 13-km and 3-km CONUS domains. We wanted to simulate an MJO event that spans a little over two weeks, and since we are in the experiment design phase we wanted to see what capabilities were available (i.e., if restarts were available we might try and run a 15 day forecast, but if not, we can do several 5 day forecasts).




Ahh, that makes sense.  For a two-week forecast, restart files would be key.  I will certainly follow up with you once we have the restart capability officially worked into the SRW App, as there are plans to incorporate it in the near future.  If you're feeling adventurous, you can check out the "restart_interval" variable in model_configure to determine the cadence of restart output files that are written to disk.  The "write_restart_with_bcs" field in input.nml is important, along with "warm_start" for when you want to start the model from restart files.  Hope that helps get you going!