case.submit error on Hera

Since the new year I get the following error when I case.submit:

Loading input file list: 'Buildconf/ufsatm.input_data_list'

  Model ufsatm missing file co2his_2022 = '/scratch1/NCEPDEV/stmp2/CIME_UFS/ufs_inputdata/global/fix/fix_am.v20191213/fix_co2_proj/global_co2historicaldata_2022.txt'

I assume now that it's 2022 the model is now looking for the 2022 file in addition to the other years but it's not there yet.

Appears to be an issue on Cheyenne as well:

  Model ufsatm missing file co2his_2022 = '/glade/p/cesmdata/cseg/ufs_inputdata/global/fix/fix_am.v20191213/fix_co2_proj/global_co2historicaldata_2022.txt'

I've come up with a workaround...

editing src/model/FV3/cime/cime_config/buildnml, go down to line 188, change yy+1 to yy

    if int(ico2) > 0:

        # TODO: make it automatic

        yy = int(time.strftime("%Y,%m,%d,%H,%M,%S").split(',')[0])

        for year in range(2009,yy+1):

            input_files["co2his_{}".format(year)] = [os.path.join(dir_fix_am,"fix_co2_proj","global_co2historicaldata_{}.txt".format(year)), "ln", "co2historicaldata_{}.txt".format(year)]

I also ran into this same issue. If you want to avoid building a new case you can just delete the line beginning with co2his_2022 in the Buildconf/ufsatm.input_data_list.

On Hera, the data can be found at: