Problems post-processing cloud top height and accumulated total precipitation


I'm having some problems post-processing the cloud top height and accumulated total precipitation variables. UPP does not recognize the variable. However, I've used the ones defined on this website:

I enclose here a screenshot of my parm files. 

Could someone, please, help me?

Thanks in advance. Kind regards, 


From the images provided, it looks like you are using the Grib1 parameter file (requesting Grib1 output from UPP), but you are specifying Grib2 field names. Field names for Grib1 and Grib2 are different between their respective parameter files.

For Grib1 total precip, the name in the control file is 'ACM TOTAL PRECIP' and for cloud top height it is 'CLOUD TOP HEIGHT'. Please see this table from the old upp-wrf website.

Please also note that Grib1 output format is no longer supported in UPP.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will try with those Grib1 field names. I'm not sure how to modify the parameter file (wrf_cntrl.parm) to be able to specify Grib2 field names directly. Could you please help me?

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The wrf_cntrl.parm is the Grib1 control file only. If using Grib1, then you would need to set paramFile to the path of your wrf_cntrl.parm and outFormat to grib1 in the run script.

For Grib2, you would use UPP/parm/postcntrl.xml as this is the Grib2 control file that gets edited. Please note that there is a pre-processing step if you use Grib2.

1. Modify the postcntrl.xml to add/remove fields.

2. Run the perl script to create the txt file that UPP reads. e.g. in the UPP/parm directory: /usr/bin/perl postcntrl.xml post_avblflds.xml postxconfig-NT.txt. This should output the new text file postxconfig-NT.txt. 

Then in your run script, you would set txtCntrlFile to the path of postxconfig-NT.txt and outFormat to grib2.

Please find more about this in the Users Guide.

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