Guidelines on linux setup?


I'm completely new to this but we would like to check the UFS possibilities for future application. I started following the Graduate Student Test and started working on compiling model on linux laptop (non pre-prepared system). At this moment I must admit this is most frustrating, as the documentation says to prepare NCEPLIBS-external and NCEPLIBS before continuing. The thing is the documentation is outdated and NCEPLIBS-external cannot be any longer applied due to hdf5 login limitations. This fails to clone and prepare environment and as a result fails to further advance in installation. The github question for this remains open and unanswered for 8 months now, with only "spack" word in it. However there are no further informations how to proceed on it, and following spack documentation for installation of it leads to further errors as well. Finally I can't even get UFS installed, not mentioning running. Is there any other, newer guide, topic, video or whatever on how to proceed with the setup process?


The UFS Community Forums are no longer actively monitored for support requests; all support has been moved to GitHub. Please post this request here: and we'll be better able to help! 


Gillian Petro