Adding output variables

Could you provide (or point me to) instructions on how to output some additional variables from the SRWapp?  For example, I would like to output the PBL diffusion coefficients (dku,dkt from satmedmfvdifq.F).  They are in the subroutine argument list and meta file.  I have also found the diag_table in the ufs-srweather-app/regional_workflow/ush/templates directory, which looks like it controls the output.  However, I don't know how to find the appropriate names for the variables to add to the diag_table.  Are there any additional steps besides editing that table?  Also, if there are variables that I don't need to output (eg. skeb*_wts), is commenting them out from the diag_table the correct way to omit them from the output?  Thanks very much for your help.

Yes, you can modify the diag_table to change the output, here are the details on the table:

the name of the variable is defined in the meta data file.

Hi Linlin,  Thanks for that quick response.  So it looks like the variables that I want are not registered.  So if I wish to register a new variable, I would need to add it to FV3/atmos_cubed_sphere/tools/fv_diagnostics.F90 ?  I am still missing a piece of the puzzle -- where is the meta data file in the ufs-weather-model code that recognizes the standard names from the CCPP side of the code?  I think that is what I need to find my variable names.  The docs refer to a FMS directory, but I cannot find that in the SRWapp code.

Hi, Evelyn,

Here is a tutorial on adding a variable:

Here is the description on the code structure.

Yes, the directory is changed and FMS directory is changed.

The meta data files are the files in *.meta.