Announcing the CCPP and SCM v5.0.0 online tutorial


The Developmental Testbed Center is pleased to announce that an online tutorial is now available for the Common Community Physics Package (CCPP) v5.0.0 and the CCPP Single Column Model (SCM) v5.0.0. 

The goal of this tutorial is to familiarize CCPP beginners with its key concepts: 1) how it is used within host models, 2) what makes a piece of code compatible with the CCPP, and 3) how collections of physics parameterizations are organized into suites. It includes lecture-like videos followed by hands-on exercises. The exercises are to be conducted within the context of the CCPP SCM, so users will also get an introduction to how this model can be used for both science and physics development.

The tutorial is available at Additional information about the CCPP and the CCPP SCM can be found at


Ligia Bernardet and Mike Ek, on behalf of the DTC CCPP team (Dom Heinzeller, Grant Firl, Laurie Carson, Man Zhang, Julie Schramm, Xia Sun, and Linlin Pan)