Building and running the UFS Weather Model on a new platform


There is a group in Brazil that wants to start experimenting with UFS, starting with the UFS Weather Model. In talking to them a few days ago, a couple of questions came up wrt compiling and running the UFS WM on a new platform.

First, what is the best place nowadays to get the libraries? Is it still NCEPLIBS and NCEPLIBS-externals as mentioned in the UFS WM wiki page and User's Guide? Or is it HPC Stack?

Second, after the porting is successful and someone wants to run the UFS WM on a new platform (create new baselines), where do they get the fix files and initial conditions that are needed to execute the RTs?

Any other advice for those interested in getting started on a new HPC system?





Hi Ligia!

From what I'm aware, the best place to get the needed libs are from HPC Stack, let me check with the experts though and I'll get back with you on both of those as soon as I know.


Edit: You should be able to get anything needed from the HPC Stack.  


Shawn Cebula

End User Support Specialist

Hi Shawn,

Any update on this front? In particular, where does one get the ICs and fix files for establishing RTs on a new platform?