Building NCEPLIBS-external with Cray compiler

The Cray compiler produces FORTRAN mod files with upper-case names by default. That is, a source with a module called MyMod will produce MYMOD.mod as output. This busts the CMake install, which looks for MyMod.mod. There is a compiler flag, "-ef" instead of "-em", that will override this behavior, but I am unable ot figure out how to get the build to use that flag. Suggestions?     

Try to put the option into the build option file defined under the directory ufs-weather-model/conf (or model/conf)





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Hey, thanks for the quick response!

There are about 15 files in that directory, with names like Unfortunately, none of them are for this machine, as it is a new machine. How does the build determine which configure file to use? 

Or perhaps the better question is, do I need to modify one of these, or create a new one?

We need some clarification first. You are referring to building NCEPLIBS-external, not the ufs-mrweather-app, right?

NCEPLIBS-external doesn't have a machine-specific configuration, but in the code there are examples how to build the prerequisites in 


There is one entry for a Cray machine called "gaea". I don't recall adding a flag "-ef" anywhere, though. This website shows a few options on how to pass compiler flags to cmake

You could also try to specify the Fortran compiler flags as

cmake -DCMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS="..."

when building NCEPLIBS-external.