Building S2S configuration in Orion


I am trying to compile and run the S2S configuration in Orion. These are the steps that I am following to build the model:

1. module purge

    module use modulefiles

    module load

2. Setting cmake flags and ccpp suites environment variables


3. ./

I get the following error message:

/work2/noaa/hwrf/save/maristiz/ufs-weather-model/MOM6-interface/MOM6/config_src/infra/FMS1/MOM_diag_manager_infra.F90(109): error #6633: The type of the actual argument differs from the type of the dummy argument.   [DATA]

      MOM_diag_axis_init = fms_axis_init(name, data, units, cart_name, long_name=long_name, &


Any suggestion of why and how to fix this problem will be appreciated.



I just pulled a fresh copy of the weather model and was able to successfully build with all the steps you described above. Maybe your submodules have gotten out of sync? Can you try running "git submodule sync" followed by "git submodule update" from the ufs-weather-model directory and then try building again?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your quick reply! 

I initially cloned the ufs-weather-model repository in my account in the /work2/ filesystem and this is where I was getting the compiling error. I switched to the /work/ filesystem and pulled a fresh copy of ufs-weather-model and built with no issues.  

Thanks for your help!