Building UFS-SR-app on Cheyenne

I am trying to build the ufs-srweather-app on Cheyenne, and am following the Getting Started instructions. I ran the ./ script, only for it to stop at building utils. The FV3 model seems to have compiled fine (I see the executable fv3.exe under the tests/ directory.) However, I do not see the 14 executables under exec/.

There doesn't seem to be any error messages in the build.out log file (nor do I see any error messages in the respective build log files for each component). The last 15 lines of build.out show the following:

+ ./
+ '[' 0 -eq 0 ']'
+ echo 'Forecast build SUCCEEDED'
Forecast build SUCCEEDED
+ true
+ echo ' .... Building post .... '
.... Building post ....
+ ./
+ '[' 0 -eq 0 ']'
+ echo 'Post build SUCCEEDED'
Post build SUCCEEDED
+ true
+ echo ' .... Building utils .... '
.... Building utils ....
+ ./

I’m wondering if anyone has a similar experience? Do I need to make any specific changes to my Cheyenne environment? I'm using intel/19.0.5.


The ufs-srweather-app build will not complete on Cheyenne using the tcsh environment.  The problem is a bug in src/UFS_UTILS_develop/sorc/ and src/ files that points to a non-existent directory for the location of the "module" command, or in the latter file, no path is defined.  Adding the following line under the Cheyenne stanza will correct the problem:

. /glade/u/apps/ch/opt/lmod/8.1.7/lmod/lmod/init/$__ms_shell

and the following line should be removed:

. /usr/share/Modules/init/$__ms_shell