create_newcase error CIME

When creating a new case, I get an error saying that I have an empty read only file. When I tried going to the directory/file stated in the warning, everything including and beyond "/Users/samephraim/Desktop/NCEP/my_ufs_sandbox/cime/src/drivers/nuopc" doesn't exist. To my knowledge, NCEPLIBS-external and NCEPLIBS are built and all my environment variables are set.

The error message from running the command in debug mode is attached.




Hi Sam,

I am not sure you already did it or not but you need to set following environment variables before you create a case,

export UFS_DRIVER=nems

export CIME_MODEL=ufs

So, please try with those and let me know if you still an issue.



Okay. That is great. You could find all the required information in the documentation,