docker UPP

I am trying to use the docker version of upp. When I start docker, I get the error message bash: /root/.bashrc: Permission denied.... Although it seems like I am in the upp docker, it isnt allowing the connectivity between the local and docker directories cited in the docker run command. (docker run --rm -it -v ${UPP_CONTAINER_DIR}/data:/upp/data/ dtcenter/upp /bin/bash). When I am in i type 'groups' and the result is 'comusers' and when I type 'whoami' I get 'comuser'. Is this the problem? Is there a way for me to solve this problem?

Thanks.. Scott

update... I needed the complete path on the upp in the container. I am able to share local data that way. I do still get the /root/bashrc: Permission denied. I think something needs to be fixed but I think that I can work with it.


Sorry for the delayed response. The "Permission denied" message should be harmless and ideally can be ignored. Are you seeing any other problems when running the container?