Error running a 768 case on Hera


I am getting errors while running a C768 case on Hera. I am using 2019082900 (release case). I successfully ran C96 case. 

These are my directories: 


The log file showing the errors: /scratch1/BMC/dtc-hwrf/Mrinal.Biswas/DORIAN_C768_GFSv15p2/run/chgres_cube.200825-215831.log. 

I am running the release version of the code. Any help will be really appreciated. 

Thanks in advance



I have no access to Hera to see the actual error but increasing number processor for CHGRES could solve the problem. Such as, following command will increase it to 144.

./xmlchange task_count=144 --subgroup case.chgres

You might increase more to see what happens.


Hi Ufuk and Linlin,

Many thanks for your input. I followed the command you suggested. However, I am getting this error now:

srun: Warning: can't honor --ntasks-per-node set to 36 which doesn't match the requested tasks 240 with the number of requested nodes 4. Ignoring --ntasks-per-node.

srun: error: Unable to create step for job 10895132: More processors requested than permitted

Do I need to change anything else? I am running the UFS for the second time, so pardon my ignorance. 



Hi, Biswas,

Another way to fix that is adding one line  "tasks_per_node = 24" after line 771 of file


Here is one successful run on Hera: