Error when running ./ in regional workflow

Hi ~ I have below errors when running ./   in regional workflow .


Can you tell me how I can solve this error ?




 error opening /home/jyl0624/test/expt_dirs/test_run/2019061518/                                                                                                                                                                                                      Status =         -114

"mv_vrfy" operation returned with a message.  This command was
issued from the script in file:


Message from "mv_vrfy" function's "mv" operation:
  mv: cannot stat '/home/jyl0624/test/expt_dirs/test_run/2019061518/postprd/000/PRSLEV.GrbF00': No such file or directory

  From function:  "create_symlink_to_file"
  In file:  ""
  Full path to file:  "/home/jyl0624/test/ufs-srweather-app/regional_workflow/ush/bash_utils/"
Cannot create symlink to specified target file because the latter does
not exist or is not a file:
    target = "rrfs.t18z.prslev.f000.rrfs_conus_25km.grib2"
Exiting with nonzero status.

  From script:  "JREGIONAL_RUN_POST"
  Full path to script:  "/home/jyl0624/test/ufs-srweather-app/regional_workflow/jobs/JREGIONAL_RUN_POST"
Call to ex-script corresponding to J-job "JREGIONAL_RUN_POST" failed.
Exiting with nonzero status.
+ (( i++  ))
+ (( i<=12 ))
++ printf %03i 1
+ export fhr=001
+ fhr=001
+ /home/jyl0624/test/ufs-srweather-app/regional_workflow/jobs/JREGIONAL_RUN_POST