Grid_spec and sfc_ctrl

I have been able to successfully install the UFS on the CSU/CU summit super computer and i have also been able to install the GSI on this machine as well.  Both have been tested with the test cases and i have been able to recreate the figures and data files that the documents imply that the install was correct.

However, i am now trying to run the UFS model, NOT the app, with data that is at the C192 resolution.  My problem is that i have been able to run chgres_cube on Summit but the following files are missing and for me to be able to run the UFS at this resolution.  How do i find these files as there are not on the NOAA ftp site nor are they part of the github package download.

The fixed files for C192 can be found at:

for example:  for

If you use MR Weather App, the fixed files will be downloaded automatically.