Guidelines for Requesting Assistance

Hello, and thank you for visiting the UFS Community Forums!

In order for us to help you better, please consider including as much of the following as you can when requesting help, to streamline the troubleshooting process.

  • The platform or system being used (e.g., Hera, Orion, WCOSS, MacOS, Linux, etc.)
  • Which application (SRW, MRW, etc.) or configuration of UFS (ATM, S2S, etc.) is involved
  • Stage of application when the issue appeared: Configuration, Build (compilation), or Run
  • Error message or screenshot
  • Is the issue brand new, or user has had any experience with building/running an application
  • What is the current shell (bash, csh, …) and modules loaded.
  • What is the compilers + MPI combination is being used.