How to derive horizontal wind at staggered grid points in pressure levels

Dear all,

I have a control file for unstaggered wind.  I want to derive horizontal wind at staggered grid points in pressure levels in wrfout using UPP.

I am quite new to UPP. Could you please anybody give some lead to changing the control file or where the source code is needed to change?

Thanks in advance!




Hello Kishore!  I'll check with the development team for you and we'll get back to you with anything.  Take care!

Shawn Cebula

End User Support Technologist

It sounds like you are requesting the pressure level U and V wind components on staggered grid points to be output in UPP.

UPP reads in the staggered components and destaggers them. The source code expects variables to be dimensioned on the de-staggered grid and cannot process the staggered U/V components. All routines loop through i and j dimensions based on the destaggered grid and would not be able to process the additional +1 in the i/j for U/V.