Initialisation with newest files



I do have a question regarding the GFS-Model’s initialization files. and  are put into the directory ..atmos.. at the same time as the first Model output. 

I would like to initate my locally ufs-weather-program as early as possible.

Is there an option to get the initialization files earlier or does anybody know if there are plans to make the files available earlier?

Any suggetion how I could run the program as early as possible would help.
Many thanks

Hi, Ulrich,

Are you using MRW App? The netcdf format GFS data can be used as input for MRW App v1.1, and here is the instruction:



 Hi Linlin,

Many thanks for your answer. I'm using MRW App v1.1. on my local server and initialisation/running the model works well.

I'm using .nc files which I download from the nomads server to initialise the model. My question relates to the time when the new initialisation files are
made available. My intention is to produce the most recent model run as fast as ncep. But this is not possible as long as the most recent initalisation files
are made available very late:

For example:

are only available at the same time as the first model result e.g. gfs.t00z.pgrb2.0p25.f000. But to be as fast as the ncep I would need the
initialisation files ahead of the first output files.

Do you know whether the initialisation files are available somewhere else earlier. Or is it impossible to produce the most recent model output on a
local server (where computing capacity is not the limiting time factor)
as early as ncep.

Many Thanks for your help


Hi, Ulrich,

For realtime run setting, it's about 4 hour delay, for example, the 00z initial condition is available around 4:00z 03-May-2021 03:36 329M

You can set the automatic downloading starts at around 3:45am for 00z cycle data.

As I know, the nomads website is the earliest available site for free downloading.