Initializing UFS with GEFS pgrb2b data using chgres_cube

Is there any template for UFS initialization with the 20-member GEFS pgrb2b data using chgres_cube. My chgres_cube setup works perfectly with normal GFS downloaded from NCEI GFS but not with the GEFS pgrb2b data downloaded from the NCEI GEFS, for example, on the date of 2020-01-01

Thanks in advance!


What hash of the UFS_UTILS repository are you using?  The addition of GEFS grib2 processing for chgres_cube was added recently.  You may need to check out the latest code.

- Jeff

Hi, Jeff,

Thanks for your response! I was using 1.6.0 that didn't work with GEFC grb2 files. I upgraded to 1.8.0 per your kind suggestion and the initialization went perfectly! Thanks again.