Installation of Raspberry 4 cluster

I have compiled the ufs-v1.0.0 code on a 10-board (40 node) Raspberry Pi 4 cluster that I have built.  I am using the 64-bit ARM OS.

I have run this on the test case (

It takes approximately 90 minutes to run this model.


Cool, I used two pine64 cluster boards to run UFS in the regional

realtime mode for a couple of months.

pine64 clusterboardfv3_sar_TW_f048The regional domain is 15km & 48 hours forecast length.


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Do you use the SOPINE modules or the PINE-64 boards? 

This blog post got me started:

How did you setup the regional realtime mode?  Does it use the regular UFS codebase?

This link shows an earlier version of my cluster with an explanation of the power wiring setup:


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Yap, I use SOPINE with cluster board.
I clone the public v1 version code from the UFS GitHub page.

I didn't use their UFS-weather-app, because it's too complicated.
So, I decided to go to check and refer to the regional-workflow to do it.

hope this helps.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  Thanks for the link to the regional model.  I'll check it out.  No pun intended.