Issue installing UPP4.1

Apologies if this is in the wrong listing.  I'm having an issue installing UPP4.1.  I get the following error when running ./compile after .configure with gfortran (option 12) and don't know what to do to solve it, any help would be appreciated.

make: *** No rule to make target 'kinds_mod.o', needed by 'VRBLS2D_mod.o'.  Stop.

If I try option 8, I get even more errors.

Many thanks all.

UPP4.1, in general, is used for WRF-based applications. If you are post-processing model output from UFS applications (e.g. FV3-GFS or FV3-LAM), I suggest using upp_v9.0.1. Also, further WRF questions can be posted to the WRF forum as this is the UFS community forum.

As for UPP4.1, did you first install the NCEP libraries? This will need to be done first before building UPP, using the same compile/version as building UPP. It's also not clear what option 8/12 are for you, since they can be different depending on the system. I will note that serial builds with UPP4.1 will not work and only dmpar options are supported with that version.



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Thanks for your response.  I need to use it for processing WRF output.  I did install NCEP libraries and set the environment path.  I've tried both gfortran options neither seem to build UPP.  I'll move this to the WRF forum as you suggest.