Is it possible to output multiple sets of restart files in one forecast

Would it be possible to write out restart files in multiple time spots? For example, in a 24-hour forecast, I'd like restart files to be written out every 6 hours at 06, 12, 18, and 24 hours. If yes, how to configure such in the namelists, model_configure, and/or, diag_table. 

Thank you!


Hi, yes, in model_configure there is an option restart_interval (in hours) that can be set by the user. Default is 0 (write restart only at end).


Thanks for your response! I changed the value of "restart_interval" from 0 to 6 in a 24-hour forecast. The strange thing is that it only wrote out the restart fields at the time of 6 hours after the starting point. Nothing from the 12, 18, or 24 hours. 


Please take a look at the ufs-weather-model documentation, which describes the syntax: 

I think you need

restart_interval = "6, -1"

to have the restart files written out every six hours.