Multi-resolution model restart

Multi-resolution restart: @C768 for days 1-10 and @C384 for days 11-15


I'm led to believe that this is possible; if so, steps to make it happen? 



Hi Rick,

I am not sure if the question is about model_confgure. But UFS-WM regression test has the option for c384. Some groups are regularly doing benchmark test runf for c768 as well. I think they might have a FV3 setup for the c768 case on the JCSDA/JEDI side. It will be helpful to get more information about the cases you need to set up.



Hi Jong, thank you for your reply.

Of interest is to run the model at resolution C768 for 10 days (240hrs), and at the end of that time period, continue running the model from that point for another 5 days (120hrs) but at resolution C384.

It seems that this would require interpolating some (all?) RESTART files, and perhaps some INPUT files at the end of day 10 from C768 to C384, and also some changes in namelist file(s).

I'm interested in learning whether or not this is possible, and if so, does there exist some sort of recipe of steps to take to implement it.