NCEPLIBS on Stampede 2 in the tutorial

I have been trying to compile SR-Weather on Stampede 2 following the instructions at I started with installing NCEPLIBS-external and NCEPLIBS following, using the latest repository of these two packages. However, after installing these two packages and get back to the instructions of SR-Weather, I was not able to find the NCEPLIBS and ESMF modules as instructed below:

module use -a /path/to/NCEPLIBS/library/modules
module load NCEPLIBS/2.0.0
module load esmf/8.0.0

These two modules are not included in the NCEPLIBS/modules folder. Below is a list of all the modules in that folder:

ls modules/
bacio  crtm  g2c     gfsio  ip2          nemsio     sfcio  sp   w3emc  wgrib2
bufr   g2    g2tmpl  ip     landsfcutil  nemsiogfs  sigio  upp  w3nco  wrf_io

Was my installation of NCEPLIBS/NCEPLIBS-external incomplete? I didn't see any error messages in the make log or the deploy log. Also, there is no "deploy" command associated with NCEPLIBS-external in the instruction above, and ESMF is part of NCEPLIBS-external.

Thank you for your help!

Here are files under the modules/ for my installation on stampede:

ls modules/

bacio  esmf    gfsio  jasper       libpng    nemsio     sfcio  w3emc   wrf_io

bufr   g2      ip     landsfcutil  NCEPLIBS  nemsiogfs  sigio  w3nco

crtm   g2tmpl  ip2    libjpeg      nceppost  netcdf     sp     wgrib2

Could you show show me your log file for the istallation?






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You can find the log files (log.make, log.cmake, and log.deploy for NCEPLIBS only) in /work/02191/yuz31/stampede2/NCEPLIBS/src/NCEPLIBS/build and /work/02191/yuz31/stampede2/NCEPLIBS/src/NCEPLIBS-external/build. I have also changed the permission of /work/02191/yuz31/stampede2/NCEPLIBS/modules and folders within in case you want to take a look. Please let me know if you have permission issues or if you want to inspect other files.

I also noticed that there is a DEPLOY option in CMakeList.txt of NCEPLIBS-external; however, no matter I changed its value to ON in CMakeList.txt or added a "-DDEPLOY=ON" flag when executing cmake, the "deploy" option did not appear in the Makefile that was generated by cmake.

Thank you for your help!


Your installations seem fine. I don't see any error message. The files under directory stampede2/NCEPLIBS/modules are also fine.

(base) login3.stampede2(1116)$ ls modules/

bacio  esmf  g2tmpl  ip2          nemsio     sfcio  upp    wgrib2

bufr   g2    gfsio   landsfcutil  nemsiogfs  sigio  w3emc  wrf_io

crtm   g2c   ip      libpng       netcdf     sp     w3nco




Hello Yuz31,

I just installed the NCEPLIBs following instruction in /work/00315/tg455890/stampede2/regional_fv3/ufs_testing/NCEPLIBS-external/doc/README_stampede_intel.txt and everything works as expected (see /work/00315/tg455890/stampede2/regional_fv3/NCEPLIBS_SRWv1.0/modules).

My building environment is set as this file, /work/00315/tg455890/stampede2/regional_fv3/ufs_testing/env.nceplibs-external. You can try again or use my installed libraries here, /work/00315/tg455890/stampede2/regional_fv3/NCEPLIBS_SRWv1.0 directly.



Hello, again,

I see the problem in your building, /work/02191/yuz31/stampede2/NCEPLIBS/modules. You did not check out the repository NCEPLIBS-external with tag "ufs-v2.0.0" as instructed in NCEPLIBS-external/doc/README_stampede_intel.txt.



Thank you very much for your instructions! I followed the procedures at the GitHub repository of NCEPLIBS-external here, which seems to use the develop branch instead of the ufs-v2.0.0 branch. I ended up manually loading all NCEPLIBS modules and set a environment variable $ESMFMKFILE that points to, which seems to solve the missing module issue. The compilation was successful and the test case seems to be running all right too.

Thanks again!