Porting to new machine



I'm trying to get ufs-mrweather-app up and running on a new machine. I've followed the instructions and it all seems fine. 

As in it builds cprnc fine, please excuse the following, I can't seem to find any code formatting here:

../cprnc$ CIMEROOT=../.. source ./.env_mach_specific.sh && make ifort  -c -fpp -fno-alias -auto -safe-cray-ptr -ftz -assume byterecl -nowarn -sox -align array64byte  -O2 -debug minimal -I/apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/include -I. filestruct.F90 ifort  -c -fpp -fno-alias -auto -safe-cray-ptr -ftz -assume byterecl -nowarn -sox -align array64byte  -O2 -debug minimal -I/apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/include -I. utils.F90 ifort  -c -fpp -fno-alias -auto -safe-cray-ptr -ftz -assume byterecl -nowarn -sox -align array64byte  -O2 -debug minimal -I/apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/include -I. compare_vars_mod.F90 ifort  -c -fpp -fno-alias -auto -safe-cray-ptr -ftz -assume byterecl -nowarn -sox -align array64byte  -O2 -debug minimal -I/apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/include -I. cprnc.F90 ifort  -o cprnc compare_vars_mod.o cprnc.o filestruct.o prec.o utils.o -L/apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/lib -lnetcdff -Wl,-rpath /apps/netcdf-serial/intel/19.0/4.7.4/lib

However when I go to run the simple test I get the following error:

../scripts$ ./create_test SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2 --workflow ufs-mrweather --machine pitzer
Testnames: ['SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel']
No project info available
create_test will do up to 1 tasks simultaneously
create_test will use up to 60 cores simultaneously
Creating test directory /fs/ess/scratch/PYS0343/com0696/UFS_DATA/scratch/SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel.20210202_142837_qc604m
Starting CREATE_NEWCASE for test SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel with 1 procs
Finished CREATE_NEWCASE for test SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel in 0.294133 seconds (FAIL). [COMPLETED 1 of 1]
    Case dir: /fs/ess/scratch/PYS0343/com0696/UFS_DATA/scratch/SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel.20210202_142837_qc604m
    Errors were:
        ERROR: Makes no sense to have empty read-only file: /fs/ess/scratch/PYS0343/com0696/ufs/ufs_v1.1.0/cime/src/drivers/nuopc/cime_config/config_component.xml

Due to presence of batch system, create_test will exit before tests are complete.
To force create_test to wait for full completion, use --wait
At test-scheduler close, state is:
FAIL SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel (phase CREATE_NEWCASE)
    Case dir: /fs/ess/scratch/PYS0343/com0696/UFS_DATA/scratch/SMS_Lh5.C96.GFSv15p2.pitzer_intel.20210202_142837_qc604m
test-scheduler took 0.42554450035095215 seconds

Which makes no sense at all as the nuopc directory doesn't even exist.

../scripts$ ls /fs/ess/scratch/PYS0343/com0696/ufs/ufs_v1.1.0/cime/src/drivers/                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
mct  moab

This error message is coming from line 68 of cime/scripts/lib/CIME/XML/generic_xml.py.

# if file does not exist create a root xml element

# and set it's id to file

expect(not self.read_only, "Makes no sense to have empty read-only file: {}".format(infile))


I was wondering if there are any hints or pointers?