Problem linking with ESMF


I'm getting a compile error with reference to ESMF. I have that software built in NCEPLIBS and linked to the UFS compilation accordingly. Please see the attached screen shot. Any advice would be helpful. I'm building the UFS in a Ubuntu container and have been able to build all of the pre-requisite libraries in that environment successfully with the GNU compilers. Thank you!


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Hello and thank you for the response. I'm actually made some progress with the build and here are the details:

Ubuntu 20.04 docker image with GNU compilers and MPICH.

With the packaged MPICH compilers I was able to compile all external libs, the NCEPLIBS suite, FMS (r4 and r8), ESMF 8.1.1, and the ufs-weather-model in standalone ATM mode. However, when I try to run in the container I get an error that an MPI routine (get processor name) is being called before MPICH is initialized. Some research suggests that this error is typically due to multiple implementations of MPI on a system, but I built up the container so that only the MPICH implementation is there and everything is compiled with that. 

I have just become aware of the containerized SRW app that will soon become available. My objective with this is to have a development version of the atmospheric model by itself. Also, I'm unclear as to how the SRW app differs from "ufs-weather-model". Thanks!

Hello Jorge,

You asked how the SRW App differs from the UFS Weather Model (WM). The UFS WM is one of the components of the SRW App, which also includes preprocessing and postprocessing tools. In other words, the UFS SRW App is a superset that includes multiple executables plus a workflow.

I hope you have seen that the SRW App v1.0.1 was released in September on 16 and the new Chapter 11 in the documentation explains how to use the App in a container.