Right way to check and then change a namelist parameter?

Before building a case, I want to check the default value of a namelist variable, then set its value in the user_nl_ufsatm file.

How do I check the default value of the namelist variable before the input.nml file is created?

there are some default settings for v15p2 and v16beta can be found at src/model/parm


ccpp_v16beta_c96.nml.IN  model_configure.IN  v15p2_c96.nml.IN  v16beta_c96.nml.IN

Thanks Linlin, found them. Do you know if that is the only way to see the default values, or if there is some way of querying them through the workflow?



The default values used by the workflow are found at:


these should be consistent with the ones Linlin referenced.  I don't know of a way to view these defaults other than generating the namelist using CIME tools.  

From the case directory running ./preview_namelists will generate the namelists for the run.  This is normally run by case.submit, but you can also run it from the command line.   Run it once before editing user_nl_ufsatm and examine input.nml to see the default value, then edit user_nl_ufsatm and run it again to see the change.

Thanks - all very helpful. Jim, what you're describing is the kind of solution I was looking for.