Running a new case on Cheyenne

I ran the Dorian case using pre-staged data on Cheyenne no problem (with UFS_INPUT=$CESMDATAROOT). I would like to run a new case so I have done the following:

./create_newcase --case 20200601_C384_GFSv16beta --compset GFSv16beta --res C384 --workflow ufs-mrweather

cd 20200601_C384_GFSv16beta



./xmlchange RUN_STARTDATE=2020-06-01

./xmlchange STOP_OPTION=nhours,STOP_N=36

./xmlchange DOUT_S=FALSE

./xmlchange JOB_WALLCLOCK_TIME=01:00:00

./xmlchange USER_REQUESTED_WALLTIME=01:00:00

./xmlchange START_TOD=43200

For new case I can't write to $CESMDATAROOT to pull new input data so I did the follow:



When I try to pull the new data the following command fails:

check_input_data --download


ERROR from ftp server, trying next server

Checking server with protocol wget

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Using protocol wget with user  and passwd 

Could not connect to repo ''

This is most likely either a proxy, or network issue .

Checking server with protocol ftp

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Using protocol ftp with user  and passwd 

server address ftp: root path /

ftp login timeout! [Errno -2] Name or service not known 

Checking server None with protocol None

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Client protocol None not enabled

ERROR: Could not find all inputdata on any server


Should this work on Cheyenne? How do I get around this issue?

Thank you for the assistance!

I did try from my browser and it did not respond. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't another issue. I will keep trying. Thank you!