Running a new case on Cheyenne

I ran the Dorian case using pre-staged data on Cheyenne no problem (with UFS_INPUT=$CESMDATAROOT). I would like to run a new case so I have done the following:

./create_newcase --case 20200601_C384_GFSv16beta --compset GFSv16beta --res C384 --workflow ufs-mrweather

cd 20200601_C384_GFSv16beta



./xmlchange RUN_STARTDATE=2020-06-01

./xmlchange STOP_OPTION=nhours,STOP_N=36

./xmlchange DOUT_S=FALSE

./xmlchange JOB_WALLCLOCK_TIME=01:00:00

./xmlchange USER_REQUESTED_WALLTIME=01:00:00

./xmlchange START_TOD=43200

For new case I can't write to $CESMDATAROOT to pull new input data so I did the follow:



When I try to pull the new data the following command fails:

check_input_data --download


ERROR from ftp server, trying next server

Checking server with protocol wget

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Using protocol wget with user  and passwd 

Could not connect to repo ''

This is most likely either a proxy, or network issue .

Checking server with protocol ftp

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Using protocol ftp with user  and passwd 

server address ftp: root path /

ftp login timeout! [Errno -2] Name or service not known 

Checking server None with protocol None

Setting resource.RLIMIT_STACK to -1 from (-1, -1)

Client protocol None not enabled

ERROR: Could not find all inputdata on any server


Should this work on Cheyenne? How do I get around this issue?

Thank you for the assistance!

Hi Jamie,

The server could be down. Have you ever try to reach the server from web browser. In my case, it won't respond.


I did try from my browser and it did not respond. Just wanted to make sure there wasn't another issue. I will keep trying. Thank you!


There is a command above that you do not need to set:

./xmlchange USER_REQUESTED_WALLTIME=01:00:00

is not required.

This server has been up and down (mostly down) since last week, which will greatly impact the usability of the App. Agh!