Setting for MPI on Linux Platforms

Dear all,

According to the guide, the MPI settings for running without the workflow manager on Linux platforms require to put RUN_CMD_UTILS/FCST/POST option in

However, I am wondering how to set up the nodes number on my case. I know that I can set the number of nodes and MPI processors with NODES_RUN_FCST and PPN_RUN_FCST. But are these options for Workflow tasks only? Can I set these on my case (i.e. Linux platform without workflow manager)?




Hi Haochen. I included a detailed reply to your other question, but here I will just say that NODES_RUN_FCST and PPN_RUN_FCST are only used to set namelist settings for the model, and are not used at runtime for the generic Linux platform setting. However, you will need to ensure that your runtime SBATCH settings are consistent with those figures in your

This can be a bit tricky, so let me know if you are running into problems, or have further questions.