SRW user-specific domain forecast failure

I'm a user on Stampede 2. After successfully running the tutorial 25-km CONUS simulation, I was trying to run a test simulation using a model domain that is not pre-configured (following All the pre-processing steps (make_grid, make_orog, make_sfc, make_ics, make_lbcs) finished successfully, but the forecast was not able to integrate forward. The error messages are:

FATAL from PE     2: set_group_update: mpp_domains_stack overflow, call mpp_domains_set_stack_size( 2033281) from all PEs.

My gut feeling is that this might be associated with the number of processors, but I was not able to find any information regarding how to set the number of processors or the domain decomposition.


There is a script to calculate the recommended number of processors:


You may also need to increase the stack size (e.g., unlimited).




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Linlin, thanks for the script! But how can I set a certain layout_x and layout_y to run the forecast? For example, after some searching, I have changed to "layout=16,12" in input.nml and "PE_MEMBER01:192" in model_configure (I also specified using 192 cores when executing NEMS.exe), but that seems to be not enough and the following error message appears for many different PE numbers:

FATAL from PE     0: not all the pe_end are in the pelist

Thanks again!


Hi, Yunji,

The script does not include the cpus for quilting. The number of CPUs for quilting needs to be added to the total number of CPUs if quilting is used.