Unified Forecast System (UFS ) Medium-range Weather Application 1.0 release!


The Unified Forecast System (UFS) is a community-based, coupled, comprehensive Earth modeling system. The UFS numerical applications span local to global domains and predictive time scales from sub-hourly analyses to seasonal predictions. UFS is designed to support an active research program and to be the source system for NOAA's operational numerical weather prediction forecasts. The emerging Earth Prediction Innovation Center (EPIC) will help make the UFS community system one that more participants can help build.

UFS can be configured into multiple applications. The first of these to be released to the community is the UFS Medium-Range (MR) Weather Application, which targets predictions of global atmospheric behavior out to about two weeks.

The MR Weather Application 1.0 includes a prognostic atmospheric model, pre- and post-processing, and a community workflow. This first release does not include data assimilation (DA) or a verification package (e.g. METplus) as part of the workflow, and is not coupled to ocean, ice, or wave models.

The release is available through GitHub. To access the code and documentation, see:

The MR Weather Application is designed to be a code that the research community can run and improve. It is portable to a set of commonly used platforms. Specific configurations of the release (e.g. specific model resolutions and physics options) are documented and supported. The documentation includes a description of how to get code changes back into the application.