Updraft helicity and SRH in the Southern Hemisphere

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to update the post-processing codes used to calculate the storm relative helicity (SRH) and updraft helicity (UH) for the Southern Hemisphere?


From what I saw in the SRH code, the left movement of the average wind is not taken into account, and in the code to calculate the UH I did not find adaptations to find the negative ascending helicity, so I should look for the minimum values of UH, in Southern Hemisphere cases.


I'll check to see with the team to see if this is possible and let you know as soon as I hear anything.  Thanks for the detail!

Shawn Cebula - End User Support Specialist for EPIC

This issue is being addressed in the UPP Github issue #532. Please check there for updates.  As a quick status update here, the UPP support team is unfortunately tied up with other commitments in the near term, but we're working to identify the resource requirement for assisting with this feature request.