Using 1-degree GRIB2 files to run App


I would like to run the MRW App using GRIB2 files with 1-degree resolution as raw initial conditions for date September 15, 2019.

I have staged the file on disk at /scratch1/BMC/gmtb/Ligia.Bernardet/myUFS_INPUT/ufs_inputdata/icfiles/201909/20190915/gfs_3_20190915_1200_000.grb2.

Before building the case, I use xmlchange to change RUN_STARTDATE, RUN_TOD, and DIN_LOC_IC (set to /scratch1/BMC/gmtb/Ligia.Bernardet/myUFS_INPUT/ufs_inputdata/icfiles). I also added a line at the bottom of file user_nl_ufsatm with

grib2_file_input_grid = "gfs_3_20190915_1200_000.grb2"

However, when the case is built, I get the message" WARNING: data file /scratch1/BMC/gmtb/Ligia.Bernardet/myUFS_INPUT/ufs_inputdata/icfiles/201909/20190915/gfs_4_20190915_1200_000.grb2 not found, will attempt to download."

And when I submit the case, I get: Trying to download file: 'inputdata//201909/20190915/gfs_4_20190915_1200_000.grb2' to path '/scratch1/BMC/gmtb/Ligia.Bernardet/myUFS_INPUT/ufs_inputdata/icfiles//201909/20190915/gfs_4_20190915_1200_000.grb2' using FTP protocol. 

What do I need to do so the App runs using the previously staged 1-degree file (gfs_3_20190915_1200_000.grb2)?




Hi Ligia,

The "gfs_4" prefix is hardcoded into the UFS-ATM CIME interface. One way is to solve the issue is renaming/linking the file. So, if you perform following commands that would work

cd /scratch1/BMC/gmtb/Ligia.Bernardet/myUFS_INPUT/ufs_inputdata/icfiles//201909/20190915/

ln -s gfs_3_20190915_1200_000.grb2 gfs_4_20190915_1200_000.grb2

The grib2_file_input_grid parameter that is add to user_nl_ufsatm is not working because CIME first check the input file before passing to the CHGRES. So, I think that linking file and not providing grib2_file_input_grid parameter to CIME will solve the problem. Let me know how it goes.