Using new develop branch instructions -- "Could NOT find NetCDF"

Hi SRW App users-

I was tasked with defining a new 12km grid domain using the SRW App on cheyenne, and I found this did not work with the develop branch code I checked out in early April. So I checked out the latest develop branch and followed new instructions I found at: The process is quite different than the build procedure I used back in April (in April I commented in the hash=xxxxxxx line and commented out the branch=develop line in Externals.config, and used a different process to load necessary modules). 


1) Could someone confirm that I should be using the develop branch build instructions at: ?

2) Is SRW App currently building on cheyenne?

3) Any tips on how I can correct the following error I'm getting in the build:

CMake Error at /glade/u/apps/ch/opt/cmake/3.22.0/share/cmake-3.22/Modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:230 (message):

I cannot 'module load netcdf' because hdf5 is already loaded. Am I missing an environment variable that points to the NetCDF libraries?


Thank you in advance for any help, 


-Paddy McCarthy.

Hi Paddy,


There is a pull request to fix this issue now ( Please check that if you'd like to see the fix, and it will probably be merged soon.