variables do not change with time after certain time points


I have run the Mid range test case (Dorian) for 21 days on Cheyenne. the model was just cloned recently (roughly in the past two week). I found the time series of results stay flat after ~15.8 days. Please see attached.

I wonder whether this is a known issue, or is it suppose to be like this because it is for unto 2 weeks of simulations?

I have submitted a similar post last week not sure it went through. Decide to do it again..

Thank you for any advice.


This issue is likely related to settings in your model_configure input file, and described in this related issue:

Look towards the end of this conversation, there is a setting for the length of output.  An unfortunate feature of the ufs-weather-model, is that it will continue to write files, even after it stops updating the output data structure.  That has been identified as an issue, which will be addressed in future releases.