Why do times in phyf000.nc and dynf000.nc output files have non-zero value?


I'm trying to generate a training dataset using SRW and a custom 12km grid. I have the model running (slowly --> working on that!), but the phyf000.nc and dynf000.nc output files have non-zero min/max times. In my case both min and max time are 0.011111. I tried the RRFS_CONUS_13km pre-defined grid to make sure this time issue wasn't related to my custom grid, and the 000 output files for that case have time values of 0.0125. See attached screenshots.

Is this a known issue, and are there any suggestions how to get the times set to 0.0 as required by the NACC?

Thank you in advance, 

-Paddy McCarthy.

That's definitely a unique issue, thank you for the detail and screenshots Paddy.  Let me check with the experts and we'll get back to you once we have an answer for you!


Shawn Cebula

Hi Paddy,

The 0-hr forecast is actually the first time step into the integration, which depends on dt_atmos in the model_configure file.  You're seeing the time (in hours) of the first time step.  There is no current way to have the model output a true 0-hr forecast.  If you absolutely need that time, the closest you can get is the INPUT/gfs_data.nc file, as it contains the atmospheric state produced from external model data.  There are model adjustments made prior to beginning the forecast though, so it doesn't represent the true 0-h forecast.

- Jeff